VM IT: Applixure speeds up closing new deals

Sunday, February 10, 2019

VM IT, a specialist company providing comprehensive customer-oriented IT maintenance, chose Applixure to help develop its user satisfaction monitoring. However, Applixure was soon utilized for predictive maintenance and new business acquisition as well. Today, exploring all different ways of using Applixure's data helps VM IT to stay ahead as one of the most innovative service providers.

User satisfaction monitoring was the original starting point for the cooperation between VM IT and Applixure. On top of obtaining data, VM IT put major emphasis on how the data could be shared to its customers. The company wanted to provide transparency based on objective IT data.

It did not take long for VM IT's experts to see the various ways Applixure's data could be utilized, however. First, VM IT started to also use the workstation view for various IT maintenance tasks. With Applixure's data, IT maintenance could search for previously hidden problems and solve them in a predictive manner, even before the end user even noticed the problem.

“Our working model is extremely customer-oriented and the data Applixure provides has a major role in it. We understand the requirements that the customer's business imposes on IT. We help them to maintain and develop their IT environments within these requirements. You simply can not do predictive maintenance without understanding the customer's needs. In fact, we utilize Applixure in all customer life cycle phases," says Visa Ali-Mattila, Chief Technology Officer at VM IT.

Data closes deals faster

The first phase of the customer life cycle, new business acquisition, is a particular area in which Applixure's data has proven extremely valuable. Documenting the customer's entire IT environment is very easy with Applixure. On the other hand, knowing exactly how devices and software are being used helps in planning and communicating a solution that is based on actual customer needs.

“Applixure makes the dialogue on customer IT environments very fact-based and helps everyone to get a better sense of the current state of the devices. Preparing for a customer meeting becomes significantly easier when we can focus on topics that really matter the most," says Mikko Riikonen, Sales Manager at VM IT.

"In addition, meetings with existing customers get easier. Before the meeting, we review the latest data and pick the relevant topics to the meeting agenda. For example, the need for replacing devices nearing the end of their lifecycle becomes clear when we can show how slowly they boot up or how often problems occur. Objective data allows us to be the specialists that we are. For example, we can show why it is not necessary to obtain additional software licenses if the current ones are underused," Riikonen continues.

Future plans include automated predictive maintenance 

VM IT plans to continue developing its business based on the data provided by Applixure. Applixure's Power BI integration helps the company visualize the data for everyday operations, for example.

Other tools simply do not show recurring problems as effectively as Applixure does. Fixing recurring IT problems is an essential element for us to ensure customer satisfaction. We also see partially automated predictive maintenance as one particular development area for the future. In this area, Applixure's data integrates directly into our systems, which then automatically start fixing detected problems. So, going forward, we are going to see several new business use cases for Applixure's data," Ali-Mattila concludes.

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