Netox: From traditional ticketing to predictive maintenance

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Netox, an expert company in managed information management, information security, and IT services, wanted to develop a next generation service where IT maintenance is managed in a predictive manner based on intelligent data. The ultimate goal is to ensure end user satisfaction - smooth day-to-day productive work without any IT issues. To achieve this, Netox selected Applixure’s analytics system because of its quality data, visuality, and ease of deployment.

For Netox, customer satisfaction is the most important measure of quality, as Netox's service takes all the responsibility for its customers’ computers, software, and their maintenance. Each month, customers generate approximately 5,000 service centre tickets. Netox wanted to develop a next generation maintenance service, where, in addition to the traditional support request submitted by the end-user, one information channel would be an analytics system providing an overall picture of the IT environment.

“We are constantly testing different analytics systems and evaluating their suitability to our production environment. We chose Applixure to be a part of our own quality assessment and end-user service development because of its quality data, visuality, and ease of deployment. Thanks to Applixure, we now have the concrete data on which we can act upon,” says Niko Candel, Development Director at Netox.

The end-user is only interested in smooth daily operations

Netox’s state-of-the-art, automated and secure service management and monitoring systems, cloud technologies, network solutions, and expert services streamline their customers’ business operations. Netox’s goal is to produce the best possible IT environment for their customers. This is only possible with efficient maintenance that can resolve problems before they are even visible to the end user.

“Actions matter, and in order to do our work in an optimal fashion, we need a comprehensive picture of the customer's IT environment, as well as the capacity to drill down into the device of an individual user at the level of an individual PC component. For example, when we see that the storage space on a device is about to run out, we can contact the user in time, and resolve the issue before it complicates the end user’s daily routines and productivity. In most cases, these are very routine things. The IT infrastructure has to work properly in order to keep an employee productive,” Candelin says.

Together with its customer, Netox defines the desired IT quality level, the metrics by which it will be monitored, and the procedures that will be carried out based on the data from the metrics.

“The cornerstone of our success is the satisfaction of the end-user. And the end-user is only interested in smooth daily operations. For us, the traditional asset management solution is not enough, which is why we chose Applixure,” Candelin summarizes.

About Netox

Netox Ltd is an IT service provider from Oulu, Finland, with a turnover of approximately 5 million euros. Netox takes the responsibility of its customers’ IT systems and information security. Netox anticipates needs for any changes before the customer even has a chance to notice them. Netox's customer base consists of companies in various industries. The company has offices in Oulu, as well as in Helsinki, Finland. Netox is an ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 certified provider of managed IT services.