Inspecta: Data makes business management excited about IT

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Kiwa Inspecta, the leading inspection, testing and certification service provider in Northern Europe, wanted to monitor its IT environment and chose the Applixure analytics service to provide the desired IT data. Applixure’s service exceeded all expectations and Inspecta decided to integrate IT monitoring deeper into its processes. Today, Applixure is also used for customer work and its easy-to-read reports also make business management excited about IT.

The cooperation kicked off with a demo that demonstrated the benefits and potential of Applixure’s solution. For example, Applixure’s visual dashboard overview can be used for most reporting purposes as such, without any modifications.

Applixure allows us to present the main IT development areas and completed actions to the company’s business management. With concrete data, we do not have to base decisions on guesswork,” says Mika Viitapohja, IT Manager at Inspecta.

It is pointless to have systems that run on idle

As a quality management company, Inspecta relies on the ISO 270001 requirements in its own operations. Workstation maintenance, for example, is ultimately driven by the principle of ensuring the continuity of business operations. To ensure high quality, Inspecta has set up a monitoring board that uses Applixure to review whether the IT quality criteria set are actually being met.

If you do not utilize a system, there is really no point in having it. For us, Applixure’s main benefits come from showing the big picture for us and providing a thorough device inventory. Applixure allowed us to rise above managing individual devices and firefighting urgent problems. Now we can focus on the big picture,” Viitapohja notes.

With better visibility, the company can review the entire security status of its IT environment and proactively plan any necessary actions. In addition, the IT department can stay on top of upcoming leasing renewals and make decisions on daily maintenance works accordingly.

The proactive working model has resulted in positive end user feedback.

We used Applixure to identify all workstations that were about to run out of disk space. We then categorized all these cases based on a solution model and contacted the end users. We received plenty of positive feedback for preventing problems even before they impacted end users’ work,” Viitapohja says.

Applixure also benefits customer projects

In addition to helping Inspecta develop its own IT, Applixure has also proved useful in customer work. For example, when Inspecta conducts a risk assessment on a customer production facility, Applixure can be used for inspecting the IT environment in the facility.

All in all, we are really satisfied with Applixure and we feel that the service is constantly improving. Our cooperation has an effect on our bottom line and now our business management has also taken new interest in IT,” Viitapohja concludes. 

Applixure’s neutral IT data has also enabled better dialogue between Inspecta and its IT partners.