InfoCare: User experience is key in IT life cycle management with Applixure

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

InfoCare, the largest stand-alone hardware- and brand-independent IT service supplier in the Nordic countries, has made user experience no. 1 priority in its IT life cycle mindset. The decision was based on productivity: to secure the efficiency of end users’ work, digital tools need to be effective and pleasant to use. With Applixure, Infocare has been able to step up their preventive maintenance with an innovative situation analysis on their clients’ IT devices. The analysis helps foresee and proactively solve any performance or reliability bottlenecks. 

InfoCare has transformed their IT life cycle mindset. The field sometimes suffers from overly strict silos, but InfoCare wanted to look at real-world IT life cycles from a user-centred angle. InfoCare wanted to highlight the functionality of digital tools as a key criterion in end users’ everyday work and as the premises for offering services.

This is not just about software, hardware or data connections. What’s essential is that they all work together and form a functional tool kit for the end user. In simple terms, we need to help the users complete their everyday work efficiently. Applixure offered us a solution that allows us to monitor and measure the end user’s experience. We can now plan proactive measures for maintenance and servicing based on actual data,” says Director Jori Sistonen from InfoCare.

Service production rests upon end user experience

InfoCare stands out in its segment due to its unique mindset, centred around managing productivity and user experience and providing brand-independent support produced in Finland with full 24/7/365 availability. To maximise employee productivity and satisfaction, the user must have well-suited and functional equipment which is enjoyable to use even in varying work environments.

In fact, a reliable IT environment is always the most productive choice in the long term. The all-encompassing life cycle mindset is also present in InfoCare’s continuous service production through preventive maintenance.

Our own service production is no longer based on problems encountered and reported by end users. We solve problems through preventive maintenance, often before the users even notice any problems. For example, we provide our clients with action proposals to prevent problems that may compromise productivity.  In our view, ideal IT service means most of all freedom from worries for the end user,” Sistonen notes.

Unbiased, transparent data lays the foundation 

Securing the functionality of end users’ tools and equipment requires a functional real-time view of both hardware and software. On top of that, unbiased and transparent indicators are needed for monitoring. InfoCare found Applixure to best meet these requirements.

With Applixure, we are able to keep a close eye on our client’s overall situation and environment and also offer this view to the client. In addition to overseeing the big picture, we can break down the data as needed, even for a single device at a time. This enables us to focus our preventive maintenance measures where most needed,” Sistonen says.

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