Fujitsu delivers a solid Applixure customer testimonial

Friday, October 7, 2016

This post was originally published on 7 October 2016.

Applixure CEO Harri Turtiainen (pictured above) and Jan Hursti, CTO, Fujitsu Finland, recently shared the stage at the Tools Day seminar held in Helsinki, Finland. Tools Day is an annual event for IT service management and IT project management professionals.

During his presentation, Jan Hursti explained how Fujitsu uses Applixure as part of their standard toolset for monitoring and managing their clients’ workstations.

– ”There’s plenty of data on workstations, but the key thing is identifying, collecting and presenting the data that matters. Applixure is the perfect tool for this: a cloud-based service that measures just the right things and produces clear, quality reports,” says Hursti.

Preventing problems instead of solving them

As a service to its clients, Fujitsu ensures that tens of thousands of employees can work efficiently each day. IT has a tremendous impact on end-user productivity and work satisfaction.

Fujitsu and Applixure recently signed an EMEA-wide partner agreement for using Applixure’s solution.

According to Hursti, key factors for a smooth employee experience include

  • Not having to wait for the computer to boot up.
  • No constant application crashes.
  • Having the right applications required for daily work.
  • Having sufficient hardware and tools.

Fujitsu uses Applixure to understand the overall user experience on both company level and on individual employee level. Applixure provides transparency that allows proactively improving the IT experience and focusing resources on where it matters the most.

Applixure provides an at-a-glance, visual overview of the entire IT environment. Service scores allow transparent, high-level dialogue with IT service providers and client companies.