Competitive advantage through well-working IT – Applixure and Tampereen Puhelin to partner

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Applixure and Tampereen Puhelin, the nationwide ICT service provider, have begun collaboration. Applixure will help Tampereen Puhelin bring greater transparency and a proactive approach to preventative resolution of problems in client companies’ devices and software. This way, they can improve user productivity or a company’s IT security, for example.

Trust and open communication are the foundation for effective collaboration between an IT service provider and client. The neutral and easy-to-understand data produced by Applixure helps that communication. The customer and the IT partner can together both easily monitor the state of their environment and proactively prioritize future development needs.

“Powerful IT is a competitive advantage for companies. IT and IT development are part of our core business, and our task here is to be on the ball for our clients,” says Kari Koivisto, service director at Tampereen Puhelin. Close contact with customers is part of how Tampereen Puhelin does business.

Applixure makes it possible to track how effective individual computers and the software installed in them are. Both the client and the IT provider can see how resources are being used and the data security level of individual devices.

When a proactive IT service model supports the measured data, the best results are achieved. Early intervention in everyday problems, such as laptops that are playing up or crashing apps, improves end users’ productivity and keeps them happy at work. The data collected by Applixure can also be automated into a part of IT support’s work rotation.

“Transparency and continuous measurement have rapidly become ways for IT service providers to stand out from the crowd. Customer-oriented, open communication will help Tampereen Puhelin deepen customer relationships and developing its IT service activities,” says Paavo Huhtanen, sales manager Finland at Applixure.

Tampereen Puhelin Oy

Tampereen Puhelin Oy is a data and solutions company in the Pirkanmaa region. It serves customers nationwide, and internationally when required. Tampereen Puhelin invests heavily in IT services and offers its business customers extensive data, communications and IT solutions. Further information: Kari Koivisto,, 040 774 4728 and

Applixure Oy

Applixure is a Finnish software and device analysis tool that helps customers impove employee productivity, efficiency, IT user experience and cyber-security competence. The company collaborates closely with IT service providers and international software companies.  Further information: Paavo Huhtanen,, 040 743 3457 and