Chilit: Transparency makes the difference in reaching higher quality in IT maintenance

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Chilit, a leading IT service provider for infrastructure, workstation and software licensing services, selected Applixure as its partner for producing more transparency for its customers. Today, the impartial information generated by Applixure is shared between both Chilit’s service production teams and the customers. Transparency has helped the company to transition to a new goal-based mindset in IT maintenance and supports. Data also supports the service team to prioritize actions that have the most impact on end user productivity.

Chilit has taken Applixure into use in thousands of client workstations in order to introduce more transparency to the customer experience. Transparency means that the IT environment data generated by Applixure is directly visible to both Chilit’s service team as well as the customers’ teams. This new kind of transparency allows the service provider and its customers to together agree on specific goals based on Applixure’s quality scoring. Once the goals are set, Chilit suggests improvement actions and the customers decide which actions are taken. This way, Applixure creates a common ground for a beneficial cooperation between the service provider and the customer.

We want to shake the industry to think differently. Customers should know what their IT service prodivers are doing, why they are taking specific actions and what are the results. Applixure gives this kind of transparency. We also want to enable our customers’ business management to steer IT development toward a more business-driven direction,” says Mika Huhtiniemi from Chilit.

Actions based on data

Chilit’s new kind of goal-based IT maintenance is built on data produced by Applixure. This data allows Chilit’s experts to give fact-based recommendations on how to improve the customer’s IT environment.

So far, feedback has been unanimous: data-driven development suggestions have been appreciated. Applixure maps the customer’s IT environment and our experts’ recommendations help in selecting the most efficient ways to optimize IT for both business and end user needs,” continues Huhtiniemi.

While getting data and making development suggestions is all fine and good, taking actions that actually improve the quality of the IT environment is essential.

Nice to know is not enough – you really have to make decisions and take actions based on the data. Workstation maintenance is continuous work, not a one-time effort.

Data rewards and motivates

After taking Applixure into use, the state of Chilit’s customers’ IT environments have been monitored in a completely new way. Data has proved to be useful in many ways. Data helps the service team to organize their work, allows fact-based communication between Chilit and its customer and even enables internal dialog within the client organization.

What usually happens is that a new customer initially scores below average in the quality scoring provided by Applixure. When we start our work, the scores come up and rise over the average. In addition to providing transparency, Applixure gives unbiased metrics that reveal the value of our work to the customer. Now we can show concrete results and our customers get new tools for managing their business,” says Huhtiniemi.

Applixure’s quality scoring also motivates and spurs Chilit’s service production team to aim for higher and higher results.

Our teams genuinely want to help customers and end users. Applixure’s data helps the team to see the real problems and the impact of improvement actions. This motivates professionals and drives the work toward a more proactive model,” Huhtiniemi concludes.