Applixure launches API to enable data-based IT workflow automation

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The rich hardware and software data collected by Applixure is now available to all customers via an Application Programming Interface (API). Applixure users have now the freedom to use their data for automation, reporting and additional processing as they see fit.

The Applixure Connect API allows all existing Applixure user organizations to programmatically access their Applixure environment’s data. The data can be used in any 3rd party system that technically support REST-based endpoints.

Use cases for utilizing Applixure data include IT workflow automation in external systems, customized reporting and further processing and analyzing the data.

“Applixure’s web User Interface provides a clean, visual way to understand the state of your IT environment. However, some of our users have been interested in accessing the data directly, so we are happy to provide an under-the-hood solution for everyone,” says Kalle Saunamäki, Applixure’s CTO.

The Applixure Connect API is immediately available for all Applixure users for no additional cost. All the data found in the current web user interface is accessible through the API as well.

ServiceNow integration and Microsoft PowerBI reporting still available

Ways for utilizing IT environment data outside Applixure have already been available before. These integrations continue to work normally also after the release of the API.

Applixure’s ServiceNow integration allows bringing IT environment data to the world’s leading ITSM tool. ServiceNow integration enables the automation of proactive IT support workflows, for example.

To complement Applixure’s reporting features, Microsoft PowerBI integration allows any Applixure user to create their own visual reports for tailored purposes.

Get started with the Applixure Connect API

To start utilizing the Applixure API, visit the Applixure Developers site. The developer’s website contains developer resources such as developer documentation and API references.