Applixure and ServiceNow integration cuts IT costs and enables proactive services

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Computer and application data collected by Applixure can now be automatically utilized by ServiceNow, the leading ITSM tool. Applixure’s customer Affecto uses the integration to enable seamless workflow automation for IT services, leading to cost savings and proactive service.

Traditional IT services are based on reacting to service requests coming from users with faulty or underperforming hardware or software. Now, with Applixure and ServiceNow integration, problems can be identified, added to the service queue and fixed before they hinder the productivity of individual users.

This proactive model ensures that users stay productive and cuts overall IT costs. IT costs are reduced with predictive planning and resource optimization.

- “We want to disrupt traditional IT services with new operation and business models based on user-driven, proactive models. The cornerstone for this is continuous data collection, measurement and improvement”, says Applixure CEO Harri Turtiainen.

The Applixure and ServiceNow workflow automation is currently piloted by Affecto.

- “The automation allows us to utilize an efficient, proactive service model where we continuously improve our performance. The result is better IT quality with lower costs. The quality of IT has a direct impact on user productivity and satisfaction”, says Ilkka Ekman, Manager, Platforms and Service Automation at Affecto.

ServiceNow integration now available to all Applixure customers

The Applixure and ServiceNow integration is available with a separate ServiceNow connector component, developed and maintained by Symfoni ESM. Symfoni ESM, part of the Fujitsu group, is a leading ServiceNow integration development company.

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