Posts in November 2018

Chilit: Transparency makes the difference in reaching higher quality in IT maintenance

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Chilit, a leading IT service provider for infrastructure, workstation and software licensing services, selected Applixure as its partner for producing more transparency for its customers. Today, the impartial information generated by Applixure is shared between both Chilit’s service production teams and the customers. Transparency has helped the company to transition to a new goal-based mindset in IT maintenance and supports. Data also supports the service team to prioritize actions that have the most impact on end user productivity.

Murata: Incorporating IT data to everyday maintenance operations

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Workstation data allows performing proactive end user IT services

Murata Electronics, a leading international expert in electronics components, took Applixure into use when the company wanted to understand the big picture of its IT workstation environment. After Applixure’s effortless deployment, Murata discovered that Applixure’s data enabled a lot more, such as incorporating data as part of everyday maintenance operations. Seamless integration with ServiceNow and taking concrete actions based on data are the foundations for the continuously expanding use of Applixure for workstation maintenance.