Vincit boosts its service offering with Applixure

Monday, December 19, 2016

This post was originally published on 19 December 2016.

Vincit Group provides its enterprise and public sector clients with various IT services. The services range from software development, service design and ICT services. Going forward, Applixure will be a fixed part of Vincit’s workstation services.

”At Vincit, we wholeheartedly believe that any company’s most important asset is its satisfied personnel. Now that Applixure is part of our workstation services, we and our clients can proactively ensure that company employees have functional and always up to date software and hardware tools,” says Jan Karlqvist, Sales Director at Vincit.

Active service development is vital for IT service providers

”Today, clients demand transparency from their IT service providers. In practice, this means clear, reliable information on the clients’ workstation environments. This information allows practical actions for managing digital tools, boosting processes and upkeeping software and hardware proactively,” says Paavo Huhtanen from Applixure.

”Vincit has a can-do attitude and their ways of working match Applixure’s concept perfectly. We share a joint vision on how IT services should be developed.”

Applixure meets client and IT service provider needs

Applixure gathers important digital telemetry from computer workstations and software applications on the computers. Based on this information, IT service providers or company IT departments can easily focus practical development efforts on the areas with the highest impact and return on investment.

Applixure’s practical benefits include significant reductions in IT spending and increased user satisfaction and productivity due to computers that simply work better.