ICT asset management tool Clearpulse starts utilizing Applixure’s IT data

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

With its new integration with Applixure, ICT infrastructure management tool Clearpulse now provides a more comprehensive view of ICT assets. The plan is to include an Applixure module to all Clearpulse installations in all Nordics countries.

Clearpulse is a tool that helps companies to manage their ICT assets throughout their life cycles. Clearpulse allows monitoring all company devices, such as phones, workstations and servers as well as software applications and related contracts.

The cooperation with Applixure, first launched with pilot customers, expands the workstation information provided by Clearpulse.

Applixure’s high-quality information complements our big picture of entire ICT environments. Our goal is to include the Applixure module in all Clearpulse customer installations,” says Tero Suominen, CEO of Cubescom, Clearpulse’s representative in Finland.

Aiming at the Nordic markets

Clearpulse has a strong presence in the Swedish markets and in other Nordic countries. The goal is to make Applixure an integral part of the Clearpulse service offering across the Nordic countries.

”Our cooperation is based on customers’ need to have up-to-date information on workstation health – just the kind of data Applixure provides. Going forward, we can provide our customers with the most versatile ICT infrastructure management solution in the market,” Suominen says.

”With our new working models, customer satisfaction has improved significantly and customer IT environments are getting better and better,” Koivisto says.

”We are actively scouting the market for forward-thinking technology partners who want to utilize Applixure data as part of their own solutions, driven by the desire to serve customers better. Clearpulse is a prime example of a partner that utilizes data in innovative, groundbreaking ways,” says Harri Turtiainen, Applixure CEO.


Clearpulse is an ICT asset management tool for workstations, mobile devices and smart equipment. It helps manage all company ICT asset data, whether department-specific costs, expiring contracts, individual devices and their data or individual licenses. www.clearpulse.net

Cubescom innovates and provides digital solutions for business development, including software solutions, network services, intranet and document management solutions, and ERP systems. www.cubescom.fi

Applixure is an intelligent, cloud-based platform for analysing and reporting how technology assets like computers and applications are used to help businesses enhance employee productivity, user experiences and asset efficiency. www.applixure.com

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