DataCenter Finland: End user satisfaction comes first in IT service development

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

During the past years, DataCenter Finland has become the leading cloud service provider for medium-sized companies in Finland. The company has put great emphasis on developing end user services. As a coverall partner for business IT, DataCenter Finland has put its trust in data produced by Applixure when developing the best end user experience on the market.

DataCenter Finland provides IT infrastructure and cloud services for medium-sized businesses. The company’s turnover is approximately 21 million euros, it has two server halls in the metropolitan area and it employs approximately 80 IT experts. DataCenter Finland has grown rapidly and still further develops to provide comprehensive IT partnerships to medium-sized businesses.

We see huge growth potential in the end user service sector, along with an opportunity to stand out from the competition. End user satisfaction is a top priority to us, as it allows us to show that we are worth the trust,” says Service Director Markus Mäkelä from DataCenter Finland.

End user satisfaction is a big promise for information management

End user satisfaction is different from many other IT requirements in that it is very personal and highly personified.

”The main point is whether the workstation users are happy with their daily tools or not. This is a big promise for information management to fulfil. For our clients, and the end users, especially, functional and reliable IT is crucially important, and yet maintenance is not their core duty. We must, for our own part, help our clients’ information management fulfil their promise of functional IT,” Mäkelä says.

DataCenter Finland chose Applixure to produce data on end user experience based on overall functionality and data usability.

”For us, it is key that Applixure shows any issues in the quality of the environment automatically and proactively. We knew from earlier experience that Applixure focuses on presenting data that really matters. In my opinion, the value of analytics in business operations comes from the very fact that the truly meaningful data is found and it allows us to react as needed,” Mäkelä notes.

DataCenter Finland is a local, developing and growing IT service company that secures its clients’ business continuity and development through reliable IT services. Our services cover the whole IT service range from onsite support to public cloud and from server hall solutions to information security consultancy. We serve as an interpreter and an executor which translates the client’s business needs into an optimal IT solution.

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