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InfoCare: User experience is key in IT life cycle management with Applixure

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

InfoCare, the largest stand-alone hardware- and brand-independent IT service supplier in the Nordic countries, has made user experience no. 1 priority in its IT life cycle mindset. The decision was based on productivity: to secure the efficiency of end users’ work, digital tools need to be effective and pleasant to use. With Applixure, Infocare has been able to step up their preventive maintenance with an innovative situation analysis on their clients’ IT devices. The analysis helps foresee and proactively solve any performance or reliability bottlenecks. 

Our mission for better end user experience will continue!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 was a year of strong sustainable growth for Applixure. The new year started with a bang as Applixure ranked in the TOP 10 for the hottest startups in Finland.

Our resolution for 2019 is that we will continue to speak for better IT and help our customers to continuously improve their end-user and business satisfaction on IT.

Looking back, our highlights from 2018 include the actual practical advice shared by our customers and partners.

  • Murata described the importance of software version control and how they managed to reduce the number of applications in their organization.
  • Business Finland highlighted how important it is to first get the IT foundations right.
  • Inspecta shared their tips on making company management excited about IT.
  • Chilit emphasized the importance of neutral data in IT maintenance.
  • Netox told us how to start the journey toward predictive maintenance.
  • Proservia launched a new Analytics-as-a-Service product based on data produced by Applixure.

All these success stories and positive feedback inspires us to share even more tips on improving IT in the near future.

During 2018, we also surveyed in detail what kinds of benefits Applixure provides our customers. Our customers said that a real-time situational picture is the top benefit. As much as 78% of our users have also identified completely new applications for the data provided by Applixure.

In product development, we released new functionality to our Mac client, new user management features, better Windows 10 version tracking, more accurate API data, Personal Data filtering, device driver monitoring and Remote Desktop/Citrix features.

Our product development will continue its hard work as we are also hiring new development resources. Stay tuned for updates!

To top off 2018, we start the new year in our spacious new headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. We have much to do - happy to have you with us!