Posts in October 2018

Netox: From traditional ticketing to predictive maintenance

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Netox, an expert company in managed information management, information security, and IT services, wanted to develop a next generation service where IT maintenance is managed in a predictive manner based on intelligent data. The ultimate goal is to ensure end user satisfaction - smooth day-to-day productive work without any IT issues. To achieve this, Netox selected Applixure’s analytics system because of its quality data, visuality, and ease of deployment.

Proservia: Analytics data provides IT maintenance benefits

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Proservia, a specialist in Service Desk and remote management services, has developed a new IT environment analytics service that is based on data produced by Applixure. Applixure quickly provides essential information about the state of the end user’s IT environment to support Proservia experts’ decision-making. Provided in accordance with Proservia’s Analytics-as-a-Service model, this unique analytics service can produce operational recommendations as inputs for the customer’s IT service partner, improving the efficiency of IT environment maintenance.