State of modern IT services today – event summary

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What is the state of modern end-user IT services today? How can IT make sure that users stay productive, happy and safe 24/7 no matter where in the world they work?

Applixure recently joined Chilit at a seminar focusing on end-user workstation IT services. Chilit is a leading Finnish IT service provider that partners with Applixure to bring data-driven services to its customers.

Harri Turtiainen: You need to measure in order to improve

Applixure’s CEO Harri Turtiainen delivered a presentation on continuously improving IT based on measured, real-time data on computer hardware and software.

“User productivity is the main goal. To keep users productive, they need digital tools that don’t let them down. To provide those tools, we need proactive IT service processes. And these processes are built on real-time, automated data.”

While traditional IT services are based on reacting to problems reported by users, predictive processes aim to prevent those problems. Data on faulty hardware and misbehaving software can be automated as part of IT service processes.

Using Applixure’s visual reports, companies like Chilit can engage in open, transparent dialogue with their customers. Together, the client and the service provider can pinpoint improvement areas and monitor IT quality trends.

Risto Majoinen: Freedom of time and place, without sacrificing security

Chilit’s Solution Architect Risto Majoinen took a look at the entire spectrum of end-user IT services. The lifecycle of a single laptop, for example, covers a wide arc of phases from purchasing hardware to installing just the right software and taking care of various security issues.

Risto’s presentation underlined the fundamental change in the digital workplace. Today’s professionals are not confined to 9-to-5 jobs at the office: they travel the world and work at odd hours. Modern IT services must take this into account and let them focus on being productive.

Practical examples include providing on-demand self-service and storing practically everything in the cloud. Personalization – having access to your own files, settings, bookmarks and your entire digital persona – is essential. However, this should never sacrifice security – so make sure you have your BitLockers on and never, ever, give regular users Administrator privledges!

Chilit’s Chilit 360 service covers the entire range of services for end-user workstations.

HP: Secure all your devices, not just computers

As the event was hosted by HP Finland, the audience also got a preview of HP’s upcoming products and services. HP is putting heavy focus on designing products that are both safe to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Today’s professionals want their devices to look good and be usable wherever they go. To pick a few design examples, HP’s upcoming gear features software-based screen privacy protectors and amping up the screen brightness to actually allow using your PC on that sunny beach (if you are so inclined).

As a welcome reminder, HP underlined that security does not stop at computers and smartphones. All connected devices, including printers, that run software are potential security threats. HP is stepping up the device security game with features such as BIOS protection, whitelisting and run-time intrusion detection. How safe is your printer?