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Trends in the digital workspace

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Traditional 9-to-5 work performed at the home office is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Accelerated by the influx of increasingly more millennials in the workforce, several trends in the digital workplace are gaining more momentum.

Today’s professionals want to work using their favorite digital tools, from any location and at the time of their preference.

How to keep your employees happy?

Friday, November 9, 2018

In most organizations, the company’s employees are one of its most critical assets.

This is especially true for knowledge-intensive fields, such as software, engineering, design or a variety of domains that require a high level of expertise. Talented employees are in high demand in the job markets.

So, it’s in the employer’s best interest to keep its professionals happy and productive.

According to CIO Insight’s report, 16% of employees in a knowledge-intensive domain tell that a malfunctioning computer is a major cause of frustration.

Frustration and badly behaving digital tools undermine motivation and prevent the employees from creating the best possible value to the company.

Further, continuous IT problems can cause a sense of distrust between the expert and the company.

Dissatisfied users are a major flight risk

Today, dissatisfied top professionals are a major flight risk – they are more inclined to switch jobs at their convenience. Employee retention is today a critical part of HR strategies and if done right, it helps to save significant recruitment costs.

What users want?

Talented experts are high-performing professionals who know their value in the marketplace.

On top of simply earning a good paycheck, today’s employees are more and more driven by a desire to perform challenging and engaging assignments that also help them grow as professionals.

Motivated experts perform better and, as a result, create more value to their employers.

Are we a modern workplace?

So, having modern digital tools can give an organization clear competitive advantage.

But how can you start analyzing how modern your organization is?

How well your digital tools environment is optimized to give your employees a full benefit?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do we have a clear visibility to all computers and applications currently in use in our organization?
  • How much our users are actually using the tools that they have been given?
  • How new or old our digital tools are? Are they outdated?
  • Do we use parallel versions and/or software products for the same purpose?
  • How satisfied our employees are right now?

Very often (or even most of the time) digital tool environments are approached from the asset management perspective. Proper asset administration is naturally important for cost control, risk management and compliance purposes.

However, from a competitive advantage or a user performance viewpoint, modern and well-functioning tools that users love to use have a much bigger effect.

Proper tools boost the user’s performance to the next level and keep employees happy and motivated.

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