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Sentient IT – artificial intelligence meets IT department

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I was reminded about the old saying about cobblers children and their shoes, when listening to a representative of a well-known IT service management solution on stage. He was praising the new version and all the fancy features to rapidly integrate it, transfer data and overall improve the end user customer experience. Strangely, one thing was missing though. I stood up and asked him: “how are you utilizing artificial intelligence in the processing and recognition of the incidents?”. The silence that followed was palpable.

IT departments are currently requested to provide artificial intelligence based solutions to customer service, process optimization and various other service or efficiency improving tasks. Why are there no articles or thinking on improving technology support or IT operations? It can’t be about availability or money – MS Azure and Amazon offer Machine Learning studios where the algorithms can easily be accessed and utilized.

Future of IT is sentient!

The future...